Floor Cleaning

floor cleaning

If your floors need a deep cleaning, trust C & K Family Cleaning & Janitorial Service, LLC to deliver waxing and carpet cleaning service to make your floor look like new. For businesses, our commercial carpet cleaning services can include floor waxing and floor stripping in addition to our other cleaning services.

In order to protect your home’s carpet, it's best to get regular floor cleaning. We will shampoo your floors to get the deep stains and other contaminants that are ingrained into the fibers. You won’t have to worry for long if you spill a drink, because we can provide affordable residential carpet cleaning to get rid of the stain with no problems.

C & K Family Cleaning & Janitorial Service, LLC can wax your floors or clean your whole office or rental building with our janitorial service. Our cleaning service can keep your office a pleasant and allergen-free place to work.

If you are looking around for carpet cleaning companies, contact C & K Family Cleaning & Janitorial Service, LLC in Lebanon, PA today! We won't let you down!


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