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No matter where we go, a clean environment is always a comforting atmosphere to be in. When you subtract the clutter and dust bunnies you’ve got yourself a quaint place to work and relax without that worry of a suffocating mess. At C & K Family Cleaning & Janitorial Service, LLC, we offer only the best sweep and scrub to residents and businesses of Lebanon, PA to deliver you this leisurely comfort. The keen eyes of our diligent cleaners are trained to see details that others pass by. Our attention is sharp and our work ethic is unparalleled. We come to your home or business and get straight to work right away.

In regards to our cleaning supplies, we only use detergents that are safe for you, your children, or pets. Obviously you would want a clean looking house, but with harmful toxins in the air it defeats the whole purpose. C & K Family Cleaning & Janitorial Service, LLC takes this concern with high regards for the benefits of your health and others, which has given our customers great gratification.

A clean house allows you to relax more comfortably without stress. Rest assured your home, business, or office will be cleaned to perfection after we’re done. We offer weekly janitorial service for small businesses. Our janitors have gone through extensive training and all employees have passed thorough screening. Our staff is the most trustworthy you can find. Either way, our assistance is second to none when it comes to first-class professional cleaning services and our work successfully shows for it.

For dedicated service from the cleaning company that cares most, call us for an unbeatable, friendly cleaning service and we keep your home and office spotless so that you can focus on the more important things in life.

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